Draw Paint Print like the Great Artists by Marion Deuchars

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Draw Paint Print

Words from Marion’s page.

‘Every artist learns by looking at the work created by others, and then picks up bits of that and makes their own art in their own way…. It may be something as simple as using scissors rather than a pencil, or being fascinated by a new shape or a playful exercise to take your imagination somewhere unfamiliar’.

Try taking your pencil for a walk in the spirit of Paul Klee or get inspired by Hannah Hoch’s brilliant photo-montages. Cut glorious coloured circles inspired by Sonia Delaunay, or use ‘foam printing’ to re-create Hokusai’s waves… try ‘destroyed drawings’ by Philip Guston, the seeming simplicity of Miro, or use yourself as the starting point as did Frida Kahlo.

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